Change in circumstances

Date published: 12 March 2018 15:20
Dated: 01 March 2018 14:35:17

If your circumstances change as listed below, you must inform us by completing the attached Change in Circumstances form and take it to your nearest police station. This must be done within seven days of the change occurring.

  • Any change of address (Please bring your tenancy/rent agreement showing the new address and moving in date).
  • Any change of college, university or course details (Please bring your CAS study letter).
  • Any change of occupation (Please bring your contract of employment).
  • Any change of marital status or birth of a child (please bring the certificate).
  • Any new passport or travel document (please bring the passport/travel docs).
  • Any new visas/landing conditions or extensions of stay granted by the UKBA or by a British Embassy/Consulate