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Date published: 21 June 2022 14:27

Welcome message from the Neighbourhood Inspector Alison Bywater

Hi All and welcome to the South East Neighbourhood Team pages.

I am Inspector Ali (Alison) Bywater and I have recently taken over Neighbourhood Policing in the East and South East of Sheffield.

I have 17 years policing experience in a number of portfolios including Response, Neighbourhoods and Operational Police Training. I spent the earlier part of my career in Barnsley and moved across to Sheffield from 2016 onwards, being lucky enough to secure the position as South East Neighbourhood Inspector in November 2021, having previously had responsibility for Sheffield City Centre. I am immensely proud to have this role and the responsibility that comes with it. I am very passionate about my communities and about the work my Team do on a day-to-day basis to keep our areas as safe as possible for all who live, work and visit.

My Team has responsibility for the following areas - Manor, Arbourthorne, Norfolk Park, Gleedless Common, Heeley, Park Hill, Wybourn,  Darnall, Tinsley, Attercliffe, Woodthorpe, Richmond, Handsworth, Woodhouse, Beighton, Westfield, Mosborough, Sothall, Owlthorpe, Waterthorpe, Halfway, Hackenthorpe, Frecheville, Birley, Jaunty, Base Green, Gleadless Town End, Crystal Peaks and Meadowhall.

I am keen to hear about any concerns you have, and also about community groups and networks we can involve ourselves in. Our PCSOs regularly host Pop In Police Stations across our area and are looking for new places to visit to be able to do this, offering their support and reassurance whilst doing so. If you have a venue we could use, please get in touch. We are actively looking for opportunities for engagement and to build relationships with those in our communities.

I have a fantastic, committed and hard-working team of PCs and PCSOs who are there to help you, so get in touch and let us know what you need from the Team.

Your local police station is:

Moss Way Police Station

Moss Way, Sheffield
S20 7XX

You can contact us:

The current policing priorities for the Sheffield South East Neighbourhood Policing Team are:

  • Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Drug Use and Drug Supply
  • Off Road Bikes and Nuisance Vehicles
  • Knife Crime

You said...

Off-road bikes are an issue.

We did...

After receiving multiple reports of nuisance vehicles and dangerous off-road bikers, we have worked with partners to target harden the area across the South East. By putting practical deterrents and high-visibility patrols in place we have started to see a reduction in incidents. This work around target hardening continues and is important to the community and to ourselves.

We have also recently seized a number of Off Road bikes in different areas of the South East patch including Manor, Arbourthorne, Woodhouse and Westfield.

We regularly bid for the assistance of our Off Road Bike Team to conduct patrols in hot spot locations and we work closely on community intelligence received around this issue. If you know who is riding these bikes and where they are stored, we want to know about it! You can report online via our website, ring 101 or contact Crimestoppers. The more information we have, the more we can direct patrols to the right locations. If you want to know what the Off Road Bike Team are up to, you can follow them on Facebook - SYP Off Road Team. You can also message them information via this means too.

You said...

Drug dealing is an issue in the Manor & Arbourthorne area.

We did...

The Manor and Arbourthorne team have been committed to tackling drug supply over recent months and have carried out a number of operations targeting organised crime groups.

A number of drugs warrants have been carried out in this particular area and drugs seized, cannabis set ups discovered and dismantled and individuals arrested and dealt with positively for the offence of Possession with Intent to Supply and Drug Possession.

The Darnall and Tinsley Team and Westfield and Woodhouse Teams have similarly been involved in a number of drugs warrants across their area and are keenly gathering intelligence around properties where drug production and supply is taking place.

We have a number of current Problem Oriented Policing (POP) plans relating to the issue of Drug Supply and Drug Use coupled into the Anti-Social Behaviour it causes, and we continue to proactively patrol these areas and look to detect and deal positively with offences.

We work on community intelligence and are keen to hear from anyone who wants to provide information around this ongoing issue. This can be done anonymously via our online reporting portal, or via Crimestoppers.

You said...

Anti-Social Behaviour is a problem

We did...

Anti-Social Behaviour can raise its head in any area and affects each area of the South East - Manor and Arbourthorne, Darnall and Tinsley and Westfield and Woodhouse. As such, our staff have ASB at the forefront of the work they do as a Neighbourhood Team. This includes high visibility patrols, use of officers in plain clothes and joint work with the SCC ASB Team and Sustainable Communities Officers to give better coverage to problem areas.

We are recently concentrating particular efforts to our Problem Oriented Policing (POP) areas:

Main Road and Staniforth Road, Darnall
Mandeville Street, Darnall
Westfield Centre, Westfield
Woodhouse Town Centre
Errington Estate, Arbourthorne
Fairleigh, Manor
Normancroft and Alison Crescent, Manor

There are also emerging issues in Handsworth which we are putting a focus on.

Anyone found committing ASB will be dealt with positively by the Team - we have different powers available to us to do this, depending on the age of those involved. Recently, a number of persons have been dealt with by Parent Advisory Letters, Anti-Social Behaviour Contracts, Community Protection Warnings and Notices and Criminal Behaviour Orders.

We work closely with schools in our area to educate children and young people around ASB and the harm it causes, and we are also working closely with the Local Area Committees and partners around better youth provision and channelling the energy of young people in to things they enjoy, to deter them from ASB and nuisance.

Again, if you need to report anything of this nature to ourselves, this helps the Team build up a picture and better resource the areas where ASB is causing problems to residents and business owners.

You said...

Knife Crime is a worry in this area.

We did...

Teams across the area are completing ongoing work with local primary and secondary schools to offer early intervention around knife crime and the consequences. A number of presentations have already been delivered across the Team's area to educate young people around the dangers and consequences of carrying a knife. We work closely with our colleagues from our Community Safety Department around this type of valuable education.

We regularly conduct open land searches and sweeps for weapons in hot spot locations across our area. This is complimented by high visibility patrols and use of stop and search powers where appropriate and offences are suspected. We have recently conducted a number of open land searches and proactive patrols. This ties closely into the work we are doing around ASB and the POP plan areas we have mentioned in the ASB section.

We recently installed and launched a knife bin on Birley Moor Road where people can drop weapons discreetly. This is emptied regularly by our Team.

The week commencing Monday 16th May 2022 is Operation Sceptre - National Knife Crime Awareness week. A number of activities are planned across this time period across the whole South East Area, including education in schools, engagement at Pop In Police Stations, high visibility and plain clothes patrols and use of knife arches in hot spot areas.

We regularly run online Q&A sessions on our social media accounts.

Forthcoming events hosted by Inspector Bywater with Shannon Brown, our Safer Neighbourhood Coordinator from Sheffield City Council, will be published soon.

These are an opportunity for you to come and have a chat with us about concerns or issues in your area. We'll have your local PCSOs and PCs on hand to listen and chat to you about what's on your mind. From local issues to crime reduction advice, we are available to hear what you have to say.

The Arbourthorne & Wybourn Neighbourhood Policing Team will be holding events on the following dates:

1st and 3rd Tuesday in the month, 11am-1pm - Arbourthorne Social Centre

The Manor & Woodthorpe Neighbourhood Policing Team will be holding events on the following dates:

**More dates to be added soon** 

The Darnall & Tinsley Neighbourhood Policing Team will be holding events in your area on the following dates;:

Wednesday 13 July, 4-5pm - Main Road, Darnall

Monday 8 August, 5-6pm - Meadowhall Retail Park

Saturday 10 September, 11am-1pm - Ikea (inside)

Tuesday 4 October, 10-11am - Tinsley Library

Thursday 17 November, 4-5pm - Darnall Community Park (off Industry Road)

Saturday 17 December, 1-3pm - Meadowhall Retail Park

The Woodhouse & Westfield Neighbourhood Policing Team will be holding events on the following dates:

**More dates to be added soon**

Up-to-date details on upcoming events are published on our social media channels.

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