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Date published: 13 September 2022 09:05

Welcome message from the Neighbourhood Inspector Kevin Smith

Hello and welcome to the Sheffield North West NPT team pages, I’m Kevin Smith and I’m your local neighbourhood inspector.

As a team we have responsibility for some brilliant parts of the city, with a great mix of urban and rural communities. This unique blend creates opportunities for us to be innovative and look for new ways to deliver our policing priorities and keep you safe.

One of the most important things to me is ensuring we have strong and solid relationships with you, the public, and that we hear from you about issues where you live. We’re a proactive team and we like to act on what you tell us, that way we know we’re tackling what really matters.

Your neighbourhood team should be your direct point of contact for anything that’s bothering you, but also to share good news and opportunities that we can get involved with.

In December 2021 and January 2021 we determined our area priorities based on what you told us mattered most to you.  Our priorities for 2022 are:

1) Road Safety, including Speeding, dangerous driving and parking complaints. 

This, when combined, was the largest area of concern for our community.  We will work with our partners, and put in place strong community measures like community speed watch to increase surveillance on the roads and to make speeding less "consequence free".  We were at the forefront of a community based approach to "Close Pass" offences, and will continue to innovate and come up with new ways to make the roads safer for you.

In June 2022 we started Operation Parksafe in the North West Police area, in reduce the issue of illegal, dangerous and anti-social parking.  You can find out more about this operation by reading this guidance document.

2) Burglary

You told us that you are concerned about burglaries in your area.  We are working to reduce burglaries by working with our partners to reduce and prevent burglars, and by arresting those responsible.  We currently have three problem solving plans relating to the most burgled areas of the city, designed to reduce long term burglary by increasing security measures in those areas in conjunction with our local partners.

3) Vehicle Crime

You told us that you were increasingly concerned about vehicles being broken into or stolen.  We will work to identify those responsible, but also to make our communities safer with neighbourhood watch schemes, CCTV and other methods to reduce this issue.  We have also found that by paying close attention to badly parked cars, we find that sometimes that people who park their cars without a care for them, do so because the car doesn't belong to them.  In this way Operation Park Safe also addresses vehicle crime.

We are currently working with the manufacturers of some of the vehicles most frequently stolen to try and tackle the issue.  In the meantime, we recommend that people who own vehicles that are targeted by car thieves, such as Land Rovers, Ford Transit vans, and Ford Fiesta STs to use a sold secure approved steering lock.

Your local police station is:

Snig Hill Police Station

Snig Hill, Sheffield
S3 8LY

You can contact us:

The priorities for the Sheffield North West Neighbourhood Policing Team are:

  • Residential burglaries
  • Drug dealing and drug misuse
  • Protecting vulnerable victims and victims of repeat crime

You said...

Drug dealing and Organised Crime is a concern to us.

We did...

We have been relentless in disrupting organised crime groups, seizing well over a million pounds of drugs within 2020.

We have obtained over 10 closure orders, shutting down drugs dens blighting the community.

We continue to work with our CID colleagues to make life difficult for those who choose to carry weapons and exploit others in their pursuit of ill gotten gains.

You said...

Dangerous parking is an issue in our area.

We did...

Over recent months our Deepcar Team have been tackling dangerous parking and driving at beauty spots in the North West of the city, particularly around local reservoirs. This activity was a direct response to comments received by the team via social media and has resulted in a number of fines and warnings being issued.

You said...

You were concerned that Sheffield students were being targeted and assaulted

We did...

Working closely with the University we identified a suspect believed to be responsible for attacking students, and managed to obtain charges and a remand in custody.

We continue to work with the University of Sheffield security team to provide crime prevention advice and protection for students embarking on their academic career in the city.

Drop-in sessions are taking place at the new Community Hub at 107 Exeter Place at the following times.

These sessions provide an opportunity to get advice on community safety, ASB and housing issues, and to speak with your local Ward Cllrs, policing team and local area housing staff about issues impacting your community.

Police and Sheffield City Council housing staff:
14 September – 10.00am to 12.00pm

Police and Sheffield City Council housing staff:
13 October – 5.00pm to 7.00pm

We also regularly hold online Q&As on our social media accounts. Take a look at our social media channels to find out when our next meeting is.

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