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Date published: 26 September 2023 09:08

Welcome message from the Neighbourhood Inspector Sebastian Dent

Hi, I am Inspector Sebastian Dent. I lead the Neighbourhood Policing Team covering the Sprotbrough, Norton/Askern, Adwick/Carcroft, Bentley and Roman Ridge Ward areas. The team is Based at Davies house Police station on Barnsley Road.

I have over 17 years experience as a police officer and have worked in various roles including Neighbourhoods, Organised crime disruption, Safer Neighbourhoods partnership and as a Response officer and Sergeant. The majority of my service has been spent in Doncaster and a significant period has been in the North area of the City.

I am delighted to have the opportunity to help create and embed the new North Neighbourhood Policing team. It is clear that the team are driven by a real desire to make a difference in the communities they serve, creating a safer and more enjoyable environment for those who live and work here.

The creation of the new North NPT aligns us with the council's localities model, enabling better joint working and an enhanced service for all residents.

Neighbourhood Policing has great benefits. It enables us to work closely with the public, community groups, partner agencies and businesses to be able to reduce crime and solve re-occurring and community issues. Please be sure to contact your local teams and follow us on social media, to stay informed with what we are doing and engagement events running in your community to come and speak to us. This will enable us to be part of the community and adapt problem solving approaches to local issues.

Your local police station is:

Davies House Police Station

Barnsley Road, Doncaster

You can contact us:

Priorities for Doncaster North Neighbourhood Policing Team are:

  • To improve community safety by building stronger ties within those who live and work in the area
  • Reducing crime, disorder, and harm
  • Provide high visibility reassurance to our communities
  • To reduce and prevent rural crime through effective engagement with the local community and adopting a problem-solving approach.
  • We will also aim to tackle armed criminality which is often linked to drugs. We will act on information provided by the public and partners to tackle drug production and use in the North area

Adwick & Carcroft Ward;

Youth antisocial behaviour in Woodlands -

We have been working closely with DMBC Stronger Communities team and Enforcement as well as St Leger and local schools to identify the youths involved and problem solve in a multi agency response.

As a result of this work we have issued a number of Antisocial behavior letters to the youths and have been into the local schools to give talks around crime and consequences.

We will continue to conduct joint evening high visibility patrols with DMBC officers and take action following any reports of crime.

Bentley Ward;

Antisocial behaviour in Bentley -

Following reports of youth congregating around Bentley My Place and Lidl we have conducted high visibility patrols in the area at peak times and obtained CCTV of the youths. These have been circulated and the youths responsible have been identified and visited by SYP and DMBC and issued ASB warning letters.

We have been working in conjunction with partners to provide educational inputs at local schools.

Roman Ridge Ward;

Off road bikes - TPT and Roman Ridge

We aim to tackle this with with partners and with the use of the dedicated off road bike and intervention team (ORBIT).

The ORBIT team have seen significant results in recent months in the North area and we will continue to restrict access, problem solve locations and taken enforcement action where appropriate.

Sprotbrough Ward;

Speeding and off road bikes

Speed gun operations have been conducted and further dates are planned as well as a request for traffic officers in the outer villages

Askern & Norton Ward;

Anti social behaviour involving off road bikes/quads and burglaries

Work with Partners to look at enforcement, The off road bike team have been requested and are attending on a number of dates.  The Road Policing Group ( traffic) and drone officers will also be providing additional support.

Patrol plan in place for high visibility patrols in Askern/Campsall and we have a close link with CID to identify patterns and offenders.

You said...

In recent public meetings and through locally elected members, you said that off road bikes were an issue on the Roman Ridge and trans penine trail areas.

We did...

We requested assistance from our Off-Road Bike team at key times. As a result of this we have recovered several stolen motorbikes/quads, dealt with several offenders for driving offences and recovered a large quantity of class A drugs.

You said...

Large Vehicles using Windmill Balk Lane:
• 7.5 Tonne weight limit ignored on the road
• Safety concerns due to two schools and park located on route
• Clarity requested for reporting incidents for action to be taken

We did...

• Confirmation circulated none compliance of weight restrictions is road traffic offence
• Contact details given to report to SYP for traffic police to action

You said...

Off Road Bikes in long edge Lane/ Langthwaite/Castle Hill Road area:
• Youths riding on roads and paths
• No regard to residents and no lights or helmets for safety

We did...

• SYP planned operation to be carried out in this area
• Visibility and engagement carried out by North Area Communities Team and SYP
• SYP advised residents to report via 101 online and upload videos or images

You said...

Residential break ins and car theft in Campsall:
• Concerns around incident response times raised
• Residents asked why local police stations were no longer used

We did...

• Inspector Dent shared budget and resource restraints that impact number of operational stations
• SYP involved in response to issues raised
• Information passed to Police & Crime Commissioner's officer for response

You said...

Rural crime at the cricket club:
• Club now face unaffordable insurance excess due to high value equipment stolen
• Number of thefts from local farms and sports clubs

We did...

• Inspector Dent shared that rural crime is a priority at the moment
• Visibility patrols completed by SYP and North Area Communities to deter and gather intelligence

You said...

Dangerous dogs:
• Concerns raised around behaviour of dogs in area that are not on dangerous dog list

We did...

• Sergeant Ward shared that legislation dictates any action that can be taken
• Sergeant Ward suggested residents write to MP requesting legislation change

You said...

Speeding around Wensleydale & Stanley Road:
• 20mph speed limit being ignored
• Concerns around safety of school children during drop off and pick up times
• Parking restrictions in area are also being ignored

We did...

• Speed gun operation organised at most appropriate location in area to capture offenders
• Parking Enforcement Team have visited school during pick up and drop off time and advised residents of considerate parking and issues penalty notices as appropriate

You said...

Pipering Lane Scawthorpe:
• Reports of drug dealing from properties in local area

We did...

• Communities to complete a community impact assessment on the street to try and capture more intelligence and reporting

* Community Engagement Meeting dates where you can come and ask questions or raise concerns to SYP, St Leger and DMBC;

* Scawthorpe Library 27th November 2023 6-7pm

* POP up police station dates  - where you can come and speak to one of the Doncaster North Neighbourhood Policing Team to raise any concerns or ask for Crime prevention advice will take place at the below locations;


29th - 10-11:30 - Engagement stall at Bullcroft Centre


3rd - 10-11:30am - Engagement Stall Adwick Leisure Centre

19th - 10-11:30 - Engagement stall at Bullcroft Centre


23rd - 10-11:30 - Engagement Stall Adwick Leisure Centre

24th - 10-11:30 - Engagement stall at Bullcroft Centre


5th - 10-11:30 - Engagement Stall Adwick Leisure Centre

22nd - 10-11:30 - Engagement stall at Bullcroft Centre

An example of our crime prevention stalls - this one was in Morrisons

A recent community engagement event set up by local Ward Councillors

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