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Date published: 18 November 2022 10:30

Welcome message from the Neighbourhood Inspector Alison Carr

Inspector Alison Carr looks after the north east side of Doncaster, which includes the Thorne, Moorends, Stainforth and Barnby Dun, Edenthorpe and Kirk Sandall, Hatfield, Dunscroft and Dunsville, Norton and Askern and Armthorpe ward areas.

The team consists of two sergeants, five police officers (PCS) and eight Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) who each have geographical responsibility for a town and some villages within the ward areas mentioned above.

If you see any of the team out on patrol please do stop for a chat and let them know what’s happening where you live, as this information is vital to help us understand what you need from us. It helps shape our priorities and gives us a better picture of life in the areas we police, allowing us to solve problems more effectively.

Insp Carr attends ward member meetings with council representatives which are usually held monthly, and the team will attend parish council meetings on a regular too. This helps them identify emerging community issues or concerns which we can look to address. It also gives the opportunity to update local communities about the actions we are taking to address issues that have been raised.

Finally, the team regularly hold online meetings via Facebook to give residents the chance to talk about issues affecting them in the local area. This page is regularly updated with the times and dates of planned meetings so please do get involved when you can. 

Your local police station is:

Thorne Police Station

Durham Avenue, Thorne

You can contact us:

The priorities for the Doncaster East Neighbourhood Policing Team are:

  • To improve community safety by building stronger ties within those who live and work in the area
  • Reducing crime, disorder, and harm
  • Provide high visibility reassurance to our communities via regular patrols from PCSOs
  • To reduce and prevent rural crime through effective engagement with the local community and adopting a problem-solving approach.

Thorne and Moorends – Anti Social Behaviour in Thorne

This issue has been highlighted by Council Ward members

This is affecting business in the town centre and members of the public using the town centre

Goals - to encourage people to report incidents to the police and/or council and to identify those involved.

  1. Joint days of engagement planned with Partner agencies,
  2. POP up police stations in the town centre , in addition to the usual monthly ones.
  3. Discuss the issue at the monthly community meeting
  4. Consider powers relating to anti social behaviour contracts, community protection notices and protecting public spaces orders.

Stainforth and Barnby Dun – Anti social behaviour involving motor bikes

Identified by NPT officers and members of the public

This is affecting local residents of Stainforth

Goals- Work with partners to identify those involved.

Work with Partners to look at enforcement, The off road bike team have been requested and are attending on a number of dates.  The Road Policing Group ( traffic) will also be providing additional support.

Hatfield and Dunscroft – Burglaries in Hatfield , Anti social behaviour Broadway and Quarry Park

The issues have been identified from the crime figures in relation to the burglaries and from Council Ward Members for Quarry Park and Broadway

This is affecting local residents and users of the park

Goals- A patrol plan has been created for Broadway and Quarry Park with partner agencies. To try and identify those involved and deter further incidents.  Educational work to be completed in the local schools

High visibility patrols and plain clothes patrols around Hatfield.

Edenthorpe and Kirk Sandall – Speeding Vehicles

Highlighted by members of the public and Councillors

Goals,  regular speed operations including community speed watch.  The results to be posted on the website, Monthly Newsletter and other social media accounts

Armthorpe – speeding vehicles and parking issues outside schools

Identified by members of the public who attend the monthly community meeting

Goals,- Speeding operations to be held regularly and update at the community meeting with the results and post them via social media outlets and newsletter.

Patrol plan put in place around school drop off and pick times.  PCSOs to discuss education opportunities with schools.

Norton and Askern -  Anti social behaviour in Askern

Identified by members of the public to local officers and DMBC staff

Goals,- to encourage diversionary activities – a local community club has recently opened.

Patrols by officers ,PCSOs  and DMBC Stronger communities staff to identify those involved as well as use of  DMBC CCTV footage.

Consider Anti social behaviour powers and education inputs with local schools

You said...

Speeding is an issue in our area.

We did...

These are the location of the speed operations conducted in Doncaster East.

05/09/2022 Brecks Lane,Kirk Sandall 67 vehicles checked, 6 were found to be driving above the speed limit
02/09/2022 Wickett Hern Road, Armthorpe 25 vehicles checked, 0 were found to be driving above the speed limit
05/09/2022 Churchfield Road, Campsall 54,vehicles checked, only 1 vehicle was driving over the the speed limit
05/09/2022 Coulman Road, Thorne 145 vehicles checked, 2 were found to be driving over the speed limit
13/09/2022 Broadway, Dunscroft 74 vehicles checked 4 were found to be driving above the speed limit
21/09/2022 Coulman Street, Thorne 80 vehicles checked, 16 were found to be above the speed limit
24/09/2022 Church Balk, Edenthorpe 37 vehicles checked 2 were found to be above the speed limit
28/09/2022 Top Road, Barnby Dun 86vehicles checked 5 were found to be above the speed limit
28/09/2022 Mill Street, Armthorpe 75 vehicles checked 0 were found to be driving above the speed limit
further results of speeding operations held in October 2022
13/10/22 -Gunhills lane Armthorpe 45vehicles checked, no vehicles found to be speeding
13/10/22-Thorne rd Edenthorpe- 110 vehicles checked, 6 were found to be speeding
14/10/22- Station rd Stainfortth- 137 vehicles checked and 6 were found to be speeding
14/10/22- Grange Lane Burgwallis 49 vehicles checked, 1 vehicle was found to be speeding
27/10/22- Doncaster Rd Armthorpe, 150 vehicles checked and no vehicles were found speeding
28/10/22 - Church Balk, Edenthorpe 122 vehicles checked and 7 were found to be speeding

You said...

Off-road bikers are an issue in Thorne and Moorends, Stainforth and Dunscroft

We did...

The SYP off road Bike Team have patrolled Doncaster East on a few dates during September. These patrols will continue next month. They patrol the "hot spot" areas and any other location where we have recent intelligence about bikes and riders.
We are currently collating information in relation to a number of reports particularly in Thorne and Moorends.



Thorne Retail Park - POP up police station   2pm 11.11.22

Thorne and Moorends community meeting, Miners Welfare  Moorends 7.30pm 14.11.22

Armthorpe Community Meeting , Armthorpe Community Centre 7pm  18.11.22

Sainsburys, Edenthorpe POP up police station 2pm 19.11.22

Co-op Hatfield Lane , Armthorpe POP up police station 10am 25.11.22

Hatfield Library POP up police station 10.30am 29.11.22


2nd December- Thorne Christmas lights Switch on - Finkle Street, POP up police Station -

3rd December- Moorends Christmas lights Switch on, POP up police Station -

6th December 1030am Stainforth Library-POP up police Station -

7th December -12pm Askern Co-op POP up police Station

9th December 1030 Hatfield Library- POP up police Station -

9th December 2pm- The Vermoyden Centre Thorne - POP up police Station -

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