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Date published: 27 November 2023 10:12

Welcome message from the Neighbourhood Inspector Rebecca Richardson

Hi, I am Inspector Rebecca Richardson, I cover all areas of Barnsley with the exception of the Town Centre. My teams are broken down into Barnsley West, Barnsley South, Barnsley South East, Barnsley North and Barnsley North East.

I have over 14 years’ experience as a police officer and love working across the Neighbourhood Teams serving Barnsley; our officers have passion and dedication for their areas, creating a safer and more enjoyable area for those who live and work here.

Neighbourhood policing has great benefits, it enables us to work closely with the public, community groups, partner agencies and businesses to be able to reduce crime and solve re-occurring and community issues.

This style of policing enables us to be part of the community and adapt problem solving approaches to local issues.

The past 12 months have been challenging for everyone and officers are keen to start engaging with you face to face again, understand your concerns and take action. We are incredibly grateful for the support given to us during this difficult and challenging time and look forward to seeing you all out enjoying Barnsley once again.

Your local police station is:

Kendray Police Station

Rae House, 72 Cypress House, Kendray, Barnsley,
S70 3LZ

You can contact us:

Penistone - at the April PACT meeting held at St Johns Community Centre the following issues were raised and created as a PACT priority: 

1.Speeding vehicles - across all areas of Penistone East and West wards.

It is our aim to do increase speeding monitoring checks with our hand held speed device at various locations.

We will be working alongside BMBC, and Safety Camera Partnership.

This was agreed at the meeting to be retained.

Barnsley West - at the April PACT meeting held at Warren Quarry Community Centre the following issue was raised and created as a PACT priority: 

This priority was continued from the previous PACT. 

Anti-Social Behaviour in the Stairfoot Ward - local residents highlighted a rise in ASB in the Kendray area, mainly around 5ives Football pitches, the local park and school. The behaviour of this group of youths is having a negative impact on the local community. They are unable to use the park area due to the damage caused to the equipment.

We plan to tackle the ASB at this location by joint working with BMBC, SYFR and Barnsley Academy. We will be undertaking joint patrols, to locate and identify the youths. Once identified enforcement action will be taken.

To prevent/stop the behaviour happening again we will also be looking at long term engagement/diversionary activities.

This was agreed at the meeting to be retained.

You said...

Concerns were raised re a property on Horsewood Close, Dodworth, due to the amount of ASB being caused at the property, due to the drug and alcohol use at the property at all times of day and night.

We did...

We worked alongside BMBC, and local residents to secure a partial closure order at the property.
This prevents anyone from being in the property apart from the occupier, and if anyone is found in the property they and the occupier can be arrested or reported on summons.

You said...

At Penistone PACT in July 2022 you said you wanted more speed checks undertaken with enforcement

We did...

We worked with Safer Camera Partnership doing speed checks with enforcement, the camera van has been out in the local community, Dodworth, Oxspring and Thurgoland, and as a result over 30 tickets are too be issued to drivers.

This will be an ongoing joint work.

You said...

Members of the Dodworth ward contacted local Councillors to raise concernes re speeding at Green Road, Dodworth, coming into the village from Silkstone Common.

We did...

Speed checks were done at Green Road, Dodworth with the Local Councillors. In 25 minutes 35 vehicles were checked coming down Green Road, into Dodworth, 9 of which were going over the speed limit. All drivers were given words of advice at this time.
Enquires are been made into restarting the community Speed Watch.

You said...

At the Penistone PACT meeting in August 2022, the local community said that they wanted a increase in patrols around 'the bungalow estates' due to door to door sellers attending these locations.

We did...

Patrols were done on these estates, offering reassurance to the local community.
A group of door to door sellers were located and one has been charged with burglary due to him entering a property.
Pop up Police stations have been held in prominent areas, to give put information and crime prevention advice to local residents.

Upcoming meetings:

Community Engagement meetings:

Harch - Hoylandswaine Village Hall.

Thurgoland Parish Council - Thurgoland Parish Council

Hood Green Parish Council - Hood Green Pavilion

Penistone PACT Meeting  St Johns Community Centre, Church Street, S36 6AR on the below dates and times:

Wednesday 10 January - 2pm

Wednesday 6 March - 3pm

Wednesday 1 May - 5pm

Wednesday 26 June - 2pm

Wednesday 21 August - 3pm

Wednesday 16 October - 5pm

Wednesday 11 December - 2pm

Worsborough, Stairfoot, Kingstone & Dodworth PACT meeting is held at Warren Quarry Community Centre, Warren Quarry Lane, S70 4ND at on the below dates:

Tuesday 16 January - 1130am

Tuesday 12 March - 3pm

Tuesday 7 May - 5pm

Tuesday 2 July - 1130am

Tuesday 27 August - 3pm

Tuesday 22 October - 5pm

Tuesday 17 December - 1130am

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