Barnsley North

Date published: 09 August 2023 08:21

Welcome message from the Neighbourhood Inspector Peter Spratt

Hi, I am Inspector Peter Spratt. I cover the Central, North and North East Wards. There are three neighbourhood teams that cover each of these ward areas, working from three different police stations.

I have over 14 years’ experience as a police officer and have previously spent a significant part of my career within neighbourhood policing in Sheffield. I am delighted to have been posted to Barnsley since May 2021; it is evident that our officers are driven by a desire to make a real difference in the communities they serve, creating a safer and more enjoyable environment for those who live and work here. It is also exciting to see the level of investment in Barnsley, particularly in the regeneration of the town centre.

Neighbourhood policing has great benefits, it enables us to work closely with the public, community groups, partner agencies and businesses to be able to reduce crime and solve re-occurring and community issues. Please be sure to contact your local teams and follow us on social media, to stay informed with what we are doing and engagement events running in your community to come and speak to us. This will enable us to be part of the community and adapt problem solving approaches to local issues.

Your local police station is:

Royston Police Station

58, Station Road, Royston, Barnsley,
S71 4ET

You can contact us:

The current PACT priority area for Barnsley North NPT is:

Honeywell & Old Town Ward

Open Spaces and associated ASB

North NPT PCSO's conducting high-vis foot patrol in the Honeywell area.

You said...

Off road bikes and quad bikes were an issue on Laithes Lane fields.

We did...

Seized a number of off road bikes and quad bikes from the fields and surrounding area, at different times of day and evening.

Liaised with the SYP ORBIT (Off-Road Bike Intervention Team) and updated with current activity including hot times and days for offenders.

We are also working with partners to make the field more difficult to access. We have deployed long range cameras and drones to the fields to identify offenders and where they come from.

With partners we have visited offenders and prosecuted them, and they have been given warning and advice regarding their tenancies.

You said...

There have been 3-4 fires in the park at Mapplewell and motor bikes on the football pitch. This caused damage to the surface of the MUGGA and tennis court. The park is a nice place for families and the community and we don't want anti-social behaviour.

We did...

With our partners at the Council we have conducted a survey on the nearby streets, and with people and families using the park. We have put up signs with a QR code on to allow anyone to complete the survey. We have used this information and identified that the fires were from wheelie bins stolen from nearby. We have engaged with local residents to offer advice on securing bins. With our partners we have identified gardens likely to attract offenders to get rubbish and wood. Our partners have enforced that the gardens be cleared. We have used our drone with fantastic camera to discreetly patrol the park and surrounding area. Along with our partners we have patrolled the park at the relevant times. From the surveys an offender has been highlighted and he will be visited with a view of tenancy action. The patrols will continue.

You said...

There is a house in our estate that is the centre of anti-social behaviour, suspicious behaviour and criminality.

We did...

Responded to your reports, seized 3 stolen vehicles and arrested a visitor to the address. We conducted a survey on the street and used this information to support a 3 month closure order application, which was granted by the courts. This means that only the occupant and selected, appropriate people are allowed at the address. We have conducted further visits and patrols. The closure order has allowed space and time for our partners to offer and provide support to the occupant in an attempt to prevent the situation reverting back once the closure order expires.

You said...

There have been offenders walking our streets trying our cars doors and taking our belongings.

We did...

We diligently investigated each report and through the local knowledge identified the offenders of a series of offences. We quickly tracked them down and arrested the pair. With the evidence from the community we were able to charge and remanded them to court. We then worked with partner agencies to take tenancy action one of the offenders. We have also held a number of engagement events to encourage and advise the community on how to best secure their belongings. We have also shared this information by social media and SYP Alerts. We have also erected signage to remind local residents to secure their vehicles. Throughout the hours of darkness we have conducted both high visibility and plain clothed patrols. These offenders have not been suspected of further offences.

Closure Order Issued to a residential property that were causing ASB issues in the local community.

Just one example of the fire damage previously caused in Mapplewell Park.

Seized Quad under Operation Takeaway after numerous complainants from members of the public.

Brew with a Bobby -

  • 1pm on 16/3/23 - Roundhouse Library
  • 7pm on 14/4/23 - Honeywell Community Centre
  • 10am on 17/5//23 - Mapplewell Village Hall
  • 3pm on 16/6//23 - Priestley Avenue Community Centre, Kexborough
  • 10am on 17/7/23 - Honeywell Community Centre
  • 3pm on 17/8/23 - Roundhouse Library
  • 7pm on 22/09/23 - Priestley Ave, Kexborough
  • 2.30pm on 12/10/23 - Honeywell Centre
  • 3pm on 13/11/23 - Roundhouse Library
  • 7pm on 11/12/23 - Alder Close Centre

Pop-up Police Station -

  • 11am-1pm - 1/3/23 - ASDA, Old Mill Lane
  • 6pm - 8pm - 3/4/23 - Lidl, Wakefield Road, Athersley
  • 10am-12noon - 2/5/23 - Mapplewell Co-op
  • 10am-12noon - 5/6/23 - ASDA, Old Mill Lane
  • 12noon - 2pm - 1/7/23 - Roundhouse medical centre
  • 11am-1pm - 2/8/23 - Mapplewell Co-op
  • 4pm -6pm 8/9/23 Asda Stores
  • 11am - 1pm 2/10/23 Roundhouse Centre
  • 1pm - 3pm 01/11/23 Mapplewell Co-op
  • 2pm - 4pm 06/12/23 Asda Stores

Police and Communities Togethers (PACT meeting, public meeting) -

  • 2pm - 4pm - 21/2/23 - Alder Close, Community Centre, Mapplewell, Barnsley
  • 5pm - 7pm - 4/4/23 - Mansfield Road TARA Office, Athersley, Barnsley
  • 2pm - 4pm - 16/5/23 - New Lodge Community Centre, New Lodge Crescent, New Lodge, Barnsley
  • 5pm - 7pm - 27/6/23 - Wilthorpe & Redbrook Community Centre, Huddersfield Road, Barnsley
  • 2:30pm - 4:30pm - 8/8/23 - Wilthorpe & Redbrook Community Centre, Huddersfield Road, Barnsley
  • 5pm - 7pm - 19/9/23 - Darton Community Centre, Huddersfield Road.
  • 2pm - 4pm - 31/10/23 - Darton Community Centre, Huddersfield Road.
  • 5pm - 7pm - 12/12/23 - Honeywell Community Centre, Honeywell Street, Honeywell, Barnsley
  • 3pm - 5pm - 23/1/24 - Honeywell Community Centre, Honeywell Street, Honeywell, Barnsley

Facebook Q&A -

  • Feb 24th 7pm - 9pm
  • March 29th 11am - 1pm
  • April 18th 7pm - 9pm
  • May 23rd 11am - 1pm
  • June 26th 7pm - 9pm
  • August 31st 7pm - 9pm
  • Sept 26th 10am - 12.00pm
  • Oct 22nd 1pm - 3pm
  • Nov 23rd 7pm - 9pm
  • Dec 19th 10am - 12.00pm

Brew with a Bobby event at Preistley Ave, Kexborough.

Pop-up Police Station at Asda Barnsley.

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