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Date published: 02 November 2023 20:06

Welcome message from the Neighbourhood Inspector Richard Mangham

I am Inspector Rich Mangham and I am the neighbourhood inspector for the Central, North and North East Wards which are serviced from three policing hubs within those communities. 

I have 18 years policing experience across South Yorkshire and five of those years have been spent in Barnsley or neighbourhood policing.

I have been working in Barnsley since 2022 and have really enjoyed getting to know the communities and meeting the people who live and work here. I am passionate about neighbourhood policing and see working with our partners to make Barnsley a safer place to live and work.

I have been pleased to see that this is a vision shared by the hard working and dedicated officers on our teams and that the local partners, communities, and councillors are eager to support this goal.

We use partnership working, along with a problem-solving approach to issues in order to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour while providing support in other areas of day-to-day life through signposting people to our partners.

Through our 'you said, we did' initiative and our online content we update you on work done in our area and on certain upcoming engagement events you may wish to participate in. If you see our officers on patrol please don't hesitate to stop and say hello, we are eager to hear from local people and those who commute into the area for work and recreation.

I look forward to working with our partners, local councillors and the people of Barnsley in the future.

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Your local police station is:

The Glass Works

8 Market Parade, Barnsley,
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You can contact us:

Central – at the last PACT meeting held at St Peter’s Church Hall, Brinkman Street, the following issues were raised as PACT priorities:

1. Anti-Social Behaviour in the Copper Close, Brittania Close and Dukes Crescent areas weekdays 2:30pm - 4pm.  Residents describe this as intimidating for elderly residents, and is having a negative impact on the local community.

We plan to tackle this through joint patrols with Police and Council Wardens, identifying those involved and addressing the issue through both engagement with Youth Services and enforcement options.

2. Drugs activity at a number of locations within the area, which is affecting community safety and residents quality of life.

We plan to tackle this through a combination of intelligence gathering and targeted activity to identify offenders and disrupt drugs related activity.

3. Speeding around the Doncaster Road / Cemetery Road junction, representing a danger to residents and other road users.

We plan to tackle this in conjunction with the Safety Camera Partnership, who will conduct speed enforcement checks at that location.

You said...

Anti-Social Behaviour and drug crime has been pushed out of the Barnsley Town Centre. This has involved a series of beggars and nominals causing many inhabitants of the town centre and surrounding areas alarm and distress. You said that often the areas around the town centre get overlooked.

We did...

Operation Sidewinder patrols in the suburbs around the Town Centre and within the Town Centre itself. 17 people were searched for controlled drugs with 4 males arrested for various offences and over 100 vehicles checked as part of our vulnerable vehicle scheme in car parks and side streets. This was a combined effort with our colleagues in Barnsley, West, North, South East, North East and South team as well as the Barnsley Council staff.

You said...

Vagrancy has been raised as a concern within the Town Centre, with issues around persistent begging, rough sleeping and damage caused, as well concerns for those involved who may be vulnerable or in need of support.

We did...

In conjunction with Council Street Wardens, Officers conduct regular joint patrols within the Town Centre and around known hot spot areas, engaging with individuals providing advice and support and sign posting them to support agencies. The Town Centre Public Space Protection Order also provides Officers with enforcement options to assist in managing the issue.

Engagement Meetings/Stalls

7th November - Alhambra 1pm-2:30pm

14th November - Morrisons, off Lower Thomas Street 12pm - 1:30pm

17th November - Barnsley Interchange 3:30-5pm

23rd November - Barnsley Interchange 12pm - 1:30pm

5th December - Barnsley Interchange 3pm - 4:30pm

7th December - Alhambra - 10:30am - 12:00pm

13th December - Morrisons, off Lower Thomas Street 1pm - 2:30pm

18th January - Morrisons, off Lower Thomas Street 11am - 12:30pm

24th January - Barnsley Interchange 10am - 11:30am

6th February - Alhambra 3pm-4:30pm

13th February - Morrisons, off Lower Thomas Street 11am-12:30pm

20th February - Barnsley Interchange 1pm-2:30pm

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