Use of force in South Yorkshire

Date published: 21 February 2022 13:09

The law recognises there maybe situations where officers are required to use force to control a situation, suspect or protect the community that they serve.

Every time an officer uses force, it must be recorded and reviewed by a supervisor. Each officer is responsible and answerable to the law for the force they use. This is in line with the College of Policing Guidelines.

Quarterly data sets are compiled for each policing area and a single point of contact is responsible for reviewing the data, complaints, disproportionality, and scrutinising officer and district performance around use of force.

We have a use of force working group, which includes representatives from

Personal safety training

Dog training

Public order training

Firearms training

Professional standards


Corporate communications

This information is discussed at local quarterly meetings involving local IAG representation, and any issues arising are reported back into the force working group.

Please note:

  • Each responding officer completes a record of his or her actions. Therefore, there may be more than one record linked to the same incident.
  • Multiple incidents involving the same person will be recorded separately.

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