New District Commander for Rotherham

Date published: 14 May 2019 08:54
Dated: 13 May 2019 14:09:57

The new District Commander for Rotherham takes up her post this week. Here Chief Superintendent Una Jennings introduces herself and reveals her plans for the district: 

“I am so thrilled to be taking up the post of Rotherham’s District Commander today (13 May 2019) and wanted to take some time to introduce myself to you, the people living and working in Rotherham.

“My name is Chief Superintendent Una Jennings. I have been a police officer for 17 years and started my career with the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI), joining the force straight after university. I joined South Yorkshire Police two years ago and until now, I’ve been working in Sheffield as part of their command team. 

“I am proud to be the force lead on armed criminality and knife crime and sit on the national working group for knife crime too. Technical stuff aside, I’m also a mum to a fantastic 15 year old and have a partner, who also works for the police. 

“I chose this career for very clear reasons and I am extremely proud to be a police officer. We work hard to change lives; when people call us, they need our help and I am committed to providing the best possible service now and in the future. 

“It won’t escape your notice, especially when I speak, that I’m not from Rotherham, or South Yorkshire. I’m an Ulster woman and that means I am from a place that understands legacy. I am from a place that understands courage, compassion and connection. Understanding and responding to legacy issues is critical, but we must also make sure that policing of the past does not destroy or disempower policing in the present. It’s a delicate balance, but a crucial one, which I appreciate better than most. 

“When I arrived in South Yorkshire I was instantly hooked, it’s a wonderful place. Full of life, full of optimism and the people are second to none, you deserve the best of policing and our force can give you that. 

“I have been preparing for this role for a long time; my strengths lie in investigation and vulnerability and these are what Rotherham needs. I understand the balance between operational effectiveness and building confidence in fragile communities, I’m convinced that really good policing can create positive change. It’s about so much more than crime; it’s about equality, education and community cohesion. I am the right person to be in Rotherham and I will deliver the right outcomes at the right time, I hope I can convince you of that. 

“I am joining a fantastic team, with a wealth of experience and I can’t wait to get started with them, I’m very lucky. 

“Priorities for Rotherham? Putting connections at the centre of what we do, I want to develop relationships with partners, the community and my team, this is the best catalyst for enhanced performance. With this comes a request: I’d like to ask you to take time to get to know us! We have good days and bad days, but we are and should always be ready to help. 

“Please do get in touch with me and my team, and tell us about your concerns. However, I’m also really keen to hear about the great stuff happening in Rotherham, the groups and projects you’re part of and how we can make those work even better! 

“There is no doubt a gap between the reality and perception of policing in Rotherham, we can’t shy away from that, what I want to do is bridge that gap – working with you is how I’m going to do that.” 

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