South Yorkshire Police drones to be deployed at Sheffield derby

Date published: 04 March 2019 19:28
Dated: 04 March 2019 11:47:07

South Yorkshire Police drones are to be deployed at a local sporting event for the first time at the Steel City Derby later today (Monday 4 March).

Officers from the force’s Operational Support Unit will be using a drone for crowd monitoring and public safety around Hillsborough stadium.

Chief Superintendent Shaun Morley said: “We are planning to deploy one of our drones as part of our strategy around public safety on Monday night. In particular, the aircraft can aid us in monitoring how crowds are forming ahead of kick-off, but more importantly dispersing after the match. 

“If you see our drone, there is no need to worry, it is being used for your safety and to make sure you can enjoy the game.

We have recently announced plans to expand the force’s drone capability and it is an exciting time for us. Drones have the potential to be used with great effect at large events such as the derby and it’s great that we can deploy them to help keep people, in this case, football fans safe.” 

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