Jail for Doncaster man who posted dangerous driving clip on social media

Date published: 06 February 2019 14:37
Dated: 06 February 2019 14:36:35

A man who filmed himself driving, speeding through red lights with a child in the car has been jailed.

22-year-old George Tunney live streamed a video on social media on 8 October last year, filming himself with his mobile phone as he drove around Bentley and Armthorpe.

He drove through numerous red lights, at excessive speeds, putting other road users and passengers in the car at risk as PC Sunil Nadkar, the investigating officer explains.

“There were several passengers in the car, including a child who did not appear to have their seatbelt on, and it was clear from the footage that Tunney was driving at speed, through red lights between Bentley and Armthorpe.

“As the video was posted on social media it soon came to our attention and Tunney, who was easily identifiable, was quickly arrested and charged with dangerous driving and child neglect.

“He put other road users at risk, not to mention the child in the car and the other passengers. His behaviour was foolish, reckless and selfish.”

Tunney, of Stocksbridge Lane, Bentley, appeared before Sheffield Crown Court on Friday 1 February where he entered guilty pleas to both charges. He was jailed for 20-months for child neglect and given a further 12-months for dangerous driving, to run alongside his sentence of 20 months.

He has also been banned from driving for a total of 34-months.

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