Sheffield pensioner who reported wife missing thanks call handler and PC

Date published: 15 April 2019 10:48
Dated: 15 April 2019 11:43:03

A Sheffield pensioner who reported his wife missing via 101 has thanked one of our call handlers and a response PC for their professionalism. 

Mike Allen, 85, wrote to the Chief Constable, praising the kindness of Jemma Edwards and PC Melaine Fergusson who dealt with his panicked calls when his wife failed to return home at her usual time. 

Mr Allen’s wife had simply got on the wrong bus and was perfectly safe, but this was unbeknown to Mike, who called us, worried about her welfare last month. 

In his letter to the force, Mr Allen described himself as being ‘taken under the wing’ of Jemma who was ‘calm, capable, practical and reassuring’ with follow up calls from PC Fergusson described as showing ‘comforting competence’. 

On Friday (12 April) Mr Allen met up with Jemma and Melaine, presenting them with a force commendation and a small gift on behalf of his family. 

Deputy Head of Force Communications Chief Inspector Becs Horsfall said it was a lovely moment: “I am very proud of Jemma and Melaine; our call handlers often deal with people who are under great emotional strain and it isn’t an easy job, especially when they are upset or worried about a loved one. 

“I am heartened to hear what great service Mr Allen received from these two members of staff, fortunately he did not need further assistance from us, but the interaction he did have obviously made an impact. A little bit of recognition goes a long way.”

From L-R - Jemma Edwards, Mike Allen & PC Melaine Fergusson

From L-R - Jemma Edwards, Mike Allen & PC Melaine Fergusson

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