Introducing the new hooves on the block

Date published: 23 March 2023 14:49
Dated: 18 March 2023 09:08:29

You’re hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth- meet new horse PH Swinton!

PH Swinton, also known around Ring Farm as Stan has already made a huge impression with the team and in the local area whilst settling in and showing everyone he has what it takes to be a police horse.

Stan is a four-year-old Irish Draught standing at 16.3hh and due to his young age we are still expecting him to grow.

Stan has come to us from Dartford in Ken after the recent sale of PH Tankersley, who is thriving with his new owners.

All of our horses have to pass a four-week trail to ensure they have the correct temperament and potential to be a police horse, which is an extremely demanding job with exposure to stressful and intense situations the average horse would never see. And we are pleased to say Stan passed with flying colours and is now a permanent member of the Mounted Department.

Each horse has a dedicated rider and being new and young Stan has been allocated to experience rider and officer PC Michelle Hudson, she said: “I am extremely pleased to be paired with Stan, he is a lovely horse who I can see has great potential.

“I was previously paired with PH Woodthorpe who joined the force as a young and inexperience horse, and now excels in his career, so I am excited to be part of Stan’s development and learning.

“I have taken Stan on local patrols and with his eye catching handsome looks he has already become very popular!

“He’s showed that he is brave, courageous, inquisitive, as well as big softy who loves a fuss from shoppers and passers-by.”

We take pride in our horses being turned out to a high standard, and Stan has already had his new shoes fitted by the farrier, his saddle checked, his first bath and clip, as well as passing his 5* vetting; an in-depth check of his health by a vet.

PC Hudson continued: “Stan has already started to make friends with everyone at Ring Farm and stole the hearts of officers and our grooms.

“We will hopefully see you out on patrol around South Yorkshire.”

You can follow PH Wortley’s progress on the SYP Operational Support Facebook and Twitter pages and the SYPHorses Instagram account- syphorses

A woman in police uniformed and a riding helmet is standing holding the reigns of a grey horse with a high vis coat on. They are standing in front of the police horse box outside
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