Retired PD Ticker

Date published: 11 May 2021 12:01
Dated: 11 May 2021 13:00:08

Our dogs and horses contribute years of their lives to working for their communities and protecting their handlers while on duty.

While in our care, we pride ourselves on giving them the love, attention and care they deserve for their work in facing danger head on and without hesitation, they are true unsung heroes!

When our animals retire we ensure they go to loving and suitable homes, but we love to hear how they are doing and what they’re getting up to.

Recently we heard from Retired Police Dog (RPD) Charlie, who was retired when his handler stepped down from duties due to illness in 2018. His handler had a second dog, which is quite common in our Dog Section; officers can have a general purpose dog and a cash, drugs and weapons or body recovery dog.

The handler’s general purpose dog was called PD Ticker. 

We were extremely pleased when RPD Ticker’s owners got in touch to let us know how he is doing and what he has been getting up to in retirement.

PD Ticker retired aged eight, he is now 11 and a half years old.

RPD Ticker’s owners said: “Ticker enjoys lots of naps, especially in bed, as well as playing with all his toys.

“He is a super softie and loves a snuggle, and is very good at giving hints as to where his treat drawer is!

“His favourite place to visit is the beach and lots of dog friendly cafes and pubs, where he is always getting treats and attention.

“He loves being at home and playing in the fields, whilst helping to see to the horses.”

We are pleased to hear that RPD Ticker is living his life to the full, full of love and happiness, a retirement that he truly deserves.

RPD Ticker

RPD Ticker

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