Mounted Department’s new wheels ready for the road

Date published: 05 June 2020 10:06
Dated: 05 June 2020 10:39:51

We recently shared the news with you that our VIPH’s- Very Important Police Horses took receipt of a new 26-tonne Helios bespoke model horsebox, designed to provide our horses and mounted officers with the comfort and facilities they need and deserve.

The new horsebox was designed to keep costs to a minimum while encompassing the latest engine design to reduce our emissions.

The new vehicle has an automatic gear box to provide a smoother ride for the horses and is equipped with features to maximise safety for all. The horses will travel in herringbone designed stalls which have airflow controlled fans to maintain the temperature in the equine area and easy clean surfaces to keep our four-legged friends pristine for their deployments.

In the living area there is a toilet, shelving to accommodate the officers’ operational kit, and a microwave. The box will also have WIFI connectivity to assist with the use of mobile technology.

Our mounted officers are still continuing with their daily patrols and increase visibility during the Covid-19 pandemic and being able to travel around the county is a necessity.

The box has now been fitted with the livery, the blue and white battenberg and blue lights so is ready for action!

The horsebox will never travel on blue lights to a deployment or incident but it is essential that should of officers come across an incident, they can stop and help, as well as ensuring the road is safely marked or closed off.

It will be hard to not spot our officers, but if you do see them out and about, please give them a wave. You can follow their work and deployments on the Operational Support social media pages and on Instagram @syphorses.

The new horsebox for our VIP horses

The new horsebox for our VIP horses

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