Burglary warning for Sheffield students

Date published: 22 June 2020 12:16
Dated: 22 June 2020 13:15:34

As students return to Sheffield, our officers have issued a reminder about the importance of home security.

Over the last few weeks, the Sheffield North West Neighbourhood Team have seen a number of student properties targeted by burglars.

Sergeant Adam Wood said: “Whilst the numbers of students in key areas isn’t what it usually is, we are starting to see groups of students returning to the city.

“Some of them are coming back for the Summer, to catch up with friends and get back into student life. Others are getting houses and accommodation sorted for next term, viewing properties and slowly moving in.

“We know this, and so do burglars.”

The team are already carrying out extra patrols in Steelbank, Broomhill, Crookes and surrounding areas, as well as gathering intelligence around key individuals, but are encouraging students to listen to crime prevention advice.

Sgt Wood added: “Criminals take full advantage of insecure properties and the heaps of technology inside student properties. Whilst I don’t want to scare people, it’s important that everyone is aware of their tactics.

“Prolific, opportunistic burglars will try doors and look for open windows, they also keep an eye on properties, especially those belonging to large groups, as the chance of a door being left unlocked is higher.

“Our advice is simple, secure your property, keep anything valuable out of sight or just take it with you.

“I cannot resist the temptation to channel a sensible dad here and say please think about home security, it doesn’t take much to lock the door or check someone else has.

“By doing this, it can save you a lot of tears, money and hassle.”

Click here for more crime prevention tips for students. 

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