Increased off-road bike team produces amazing results

Date published: 25 July 2020 11:34
Dated: 10 July 2020 12:31:42

Our Force’s control room has seen a significant reduction in calls about nuisance off-road bikes thanks to the dedication, hard work and commitment of the newly increased team.

In May, we shared the news that our off-road bike team had welcomed seven officers from districts to help tackle the ongoing problem of illegal and nuisance off-road bikes across South Yorkshire.

The increased staffing has resulted in daily patrols of hot spot areas, increased intelligence gathered about those involved in off-road bike criminality, and we have been able to better ensure the safety of our communities against illegal road users.

Sergeant Matt Duffy explains more about the team’s success, he said: “In April, Atlas Court received 1190 call for reports of nuisance off-road bikes.

“This was reduced in June to 166 following amazing work carried out by officers.

“The reduced amount of calls coming into our control room is testament to our communities feeling reassured that we are taking positive, pro-active action.

“Officers worked extremely hard, in hot weather for long hours to achieve these results.

“During May and June, they made 11 arrests, one in connection to a family being deliberately driven at by a man on a quad and those involved in large scale crop damage to farmer’s land.”

The team has also recovered 49 vehicles. These recoveries are made up of stolen bikes and those used in criminality, with a value of over £90,000.

In addition to this, the reported 12 people on summons and issued 102 warnings. If riders are caught again following their warning, their bikes will be seized.

Sgt Duffy added: “It is also important that we acknowledge the incidents in which the abilities of the off-road bike team are utilised to help people in difficult situations.

“In addition to arresting offenders, seizing bikes and patrolling, the team have assisted Yorkshire Ambulance Service reach a patient in difficulty in a rural location and helped find a missing person, who would she have not been found quickly, could have died. This is invaluable.”

Sgt Duffy continued: “We are stronger with your help, I urge you to continue to report incidents involving off-road bikes via 101 or the SYP website, to help us identify hot spot areas and offenders.

“We have recently launched an appeals album. Please continue to have a look and see if you can help identify those involved.”

Work will continue across our districts to ensure that everyone enjoys the sport safely. Please continue to follow the team on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

FB- SYP Off-Road Bike Team

Twitter- @SYPOperations

Instagram- @syp_ops

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