Class of 2020 graduate dog school

Date published: 25 July 2020 11:34
Dated: 24 July 2020 14:24:04
Our newest recruits show us anything is paws-able when you put your nose to it! 

Four of our latest recruits have graduated ‘SYP dog school’ after completing a six-week course that has put each dog and their handler through their paces.

Over the weeks, PD Spud, PD Ruby, PD Willow and PD Buddy have learned how to sniff out cash, drugs, firearms and ammunition, while their handlers, PC Matt Aris, PC Dan Lumley, PC Darren Wassell and PC Faye North-Gill have learned how to search areas, direct their dogs and work together as a team.

Dog Training Manager, Sergeant Jon Hardwick explains how the dogs learn to sniff out cash, drugs and weapons, he said: “We start training the dogs to find things by hiding their favourite toy- a ball!

“Once they learn to sniff out their toys, we place drugs, cash or firearms with the toy. They then learn to associate the smell with the act of ‘finding’, and get their reward, their toy.

“These steps build the foundations and once the dogs are sniffing items out, we include more and more.
“The handlers are then taught how to conduct thorough searches, understand their dogs and work together.”

Yesterday (23 July) the handlers and their dogs received their official certificates of their licencing and course competition. The duos will now return to their teams and put their new skills to the test across South Yorkshire.
Sgt Hardwick added: “All of the handlers and their dogs have excelled themselves during this course.

“It hasn’t been easy, there has been difficult times, but they’ve showed that the bond and relationship they all have keeps them going. Congratulations to them all.”

You can follow their progress as they take to the streets by following SYP Operational Support Unit on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Top left- PD Spud, top right- PD Buddy, bottom left- PD Willow and bottom right- PD Ruby

Top left- PD Spud, top right- PD Buddy, bottom left- PD Willow and bottom right- PD Ruby

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