Joint governance information

Date published: 10 July 2018 10:28

Joint Corporate Governance Framework

This framework describes how the Police and Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable conduct business within the requirements of the statutory framework.

SYP and SYFR: Our Strategic Intention

A strategic document has been published which sets out, for the first time, the vision for the collaborative work between South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue and South Yorkshire Police.

The single page strategy, which has been developed by both organisations, the Police & Crime Commissioner and the Fire Authority, reinforces the shared objectives for their work together.

Chief amongst these is the vision that all collaborative work will deliver more effective, efficient and economical services, with decisions made that are in the best interests of the communities of South Yorkshire.

The document also recognises that whilst each organisation has its own unique brand, identity and core purpose, both have a shared objective - which is to keep the communities of South Yorkshire safe.

Publishing this document – which you can read in full here – reinforces these principles as the organisations look to develop new and existing areas of collaboration.

Deputy Chief Fire Officer Martin Blunden, said: “We have always been clear, ever since our efforts to work more closely with the police and other emergency services got underway, that joint work only makes sense when it benefits the people we are here to serve. Whilst we have always worked together on that basis, and our current collaborative workstreams are evidence of this, this document reinforces our joint ethos and will help to guide any future collaborative opportunities that are identified and pursued.”

Deputy Chief Constable Mark Roberts, South Yorkshire Police, said: “We are pleased to release this document today, which sets out the intention of our work with South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue. Both South Yorkshire Police and  South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue are committed to keeping our communities safe, and this strategic intention sets out how we will progress positive collaborative change to the benefit of the public we serve.”

Dr Alan Billings, Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “Collaboration between emergency services is not an option, we have a legal duty to do it. But more importantly than that, we owe it to the people of South Yorkshire to run these services on their behalf as efficiently and effectively as we can. Times are changing and this document is evidence that we are going to be on the front foot.”

Fire Authority Chair Cllr Linda Burgess, said: “The Authority is proud of the work that has already been undertaken in South Yorkshire, to bring the collective efforts of the police and fire service closer together. This strategic document offers valuable guidance on continuing that important, collaborative work in the future.”