Employer Supported Policing

Employer Supported Policing (ESP) is a scheme in which any employer can support their staff in volunteering as a Special Constable.

It is an effective partnership between employers, their staff and the police service to support special constables in their duties to increase public safety and confidence.

The benefits of ESP

To employers:

  • Staff development at little or no cost
  • Improved staff morale and motivation
  • Greater staff retention and lower recruitment costs
  • Staff who are trained in leadership, decision making, effective communication and problem solving

To staff / Special Constable:

  • Personal development
  • CV-enhancing skills and training, valuable for career progression
  • Giving something back to the community
  • Fulfilment and improved relationship with employer - more flexibility for supporting time for volunteer work.

To the community:

  • Increased direct engagement with local police
  • Increased reassurance due to more visible policing on the streets
  • Increased public satisfaction in the police
  • Greater resources for tackling crime and disorder, resulting in lower levels of crime and a higher sense of security


If you are an employer and interested in taking part in Employer Supported Policing for your employees, there are a number of ways in which you can support the scheme. For more details email Special Consable Chief Officer Stephen Merrett; stephen.merrett@southyorks.pnn.police.uk