Vehicle Safety

Crime against vehicles, including the theft of and theft of items from them, is reducing locally and nationally. However, it is important your vehicle is not an easy target for criminals. Most vehicle crime can be prevented. Follow these simple tips and be confident you have done all you can to protect your vehicle.

  • It might sound obvious, but always make sure your doors are locked and windows and sunroof are shut whenever you leave your vehicle unattended. 
  • Never leave your keys in the ignition even if you're are just stopping for a minute. If your car is stolen in this situation you may not be covered by your insurance. Always take your keys with you, treat them as you would cash or a credit card. 
  • Don't leave anything on display, even an old jacket or change can be appealing for a thief 
  • Do you really need all those things in your glove box? Never store your vehicle's documents, such as the logbook and insurance certificate inside it
  • If you can, remove your radio and sat nav
  • Number plate theft is becoming increasingly common. Make sure your number plates are secured to your vehicle correctly. Use of security screws or stronger adhesive is recommended, but check with your vehicle manufacturer so as not to invalidate the warranty. 

Parking your vehicle

  • Think before you park, particularly when it is dark or if you are leaving your vehicle for a long time. If possible, park in a busy well lit area. 
  • Avoid parking in secluded spots, which could put both you and your car at risk. This includes parking near your home. Use a lockable garage if you have access to one. 
  • If you are parking in a public car park, use one that has achieved the Park Mark Safer Parking Award. 

Keeping your van and tools safe

  • Consider fitting number plate security screws
  • Fit your wheels with lockable wheel nuts. Protect the spare wheel from being stolen be fitting a spare wheel guard
  • If you can, remove expensive equipment, keep it in a storage box or vault that is fixed to the floor
  • If possible, park your van on a drive or in a garage
  • Park against a wall, side by side or back to back with another vehicle to prevent anyone getting into the side or back doors of the van
  •  If you are unable to park on a drive, then please park somewhere secure, well-lit and in view of CCTV. If using a car park, look for ones that are part of the police approved 'Park Mar' scheme
  • Use an approved steering lock or gear clamps, and remember to set your immobiliser and alarm if you have one
  • Use a 'Pedal Box Guard' to encase the pedals when the vehicle is not in use

Are your tools and equipment uniquely marked and identifiable?

  • We recover tools and equipment on a regular basis but are often unable to reunite them with their rightful owners
  • Please make sure your tools are easily identifiable and marked with your home/work postcode or the vehicle registration number
  • Record the serial number at so you have a better chance of getting items back
  • Consider insuring your work tools; most standard van insurance policies do not cover loss of tools left in a van overnight

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Report it

If you see anything suspicious, or have information that could help us please contact us on 101 or report online here. Always call 999 in an emergency. 


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