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there is no ‘safe place’ to stab someone. A wound in the arm or leg can still be life threatening.… https://t.co/5gdXNUf5XC
man charged with 14 offences including robbery and possession of a firearm https://t.co/jPTsAjYTRH
Do it now. Change your password. Keep it secure. Make it random. Hope to see you all tomorrow people. https://t.co/skykpLpscA
News: Life behind bars for prolific child sexual offender https://t.co/SemO1NQQV1 https://t.co/XMMiFIJvVS
Morning Alan, we cannot take reports through Twitter. Please call 101.
Please take a look at the guidance - https://t.co/6yy7FhrnsR
Morning Jon, thanks for the feedback. We employ civilian specialists to assist with public engagement.
A number of influencing factors determine response, notably the evidence that may be obtained at the sc… https://t.co/lQ8iROdLa7
Please call 101.
Morning Miska, here's some guidance https://t.co/6yy7FhrnsR
Morning Rob, please call 101 if you believe you are a victim of crime. We cannot take reports through Twitter.
Morning, one for our motoring community to be aware of! https://t.co/u1pCKhJ9IF
Appeal: Officers in Sheffield are appealing for witnesses to a reported assault in the Westfield area. Can you help… https://t.co/bXVq8RH49z
Hi Gill, officers have issued a number of FGM protection orders to safeguard potential victims & preven… https://t.co/mgjM0Ct6TQ
Hi Peter, all reports of hate will be investigated by an officer who will look at the facts presente… https://t.co/uDpiaY0wtd
Hi Annika, we have secured a number of prosecutions for victims of sexual abuse. Information on th… https://t.co/gES3HYpree
Hi john, for further clarification on what a hate crime or incident is you can visit our webpage https://t.co/bT9veMaUg1
Hi Brian, if you have been a victim of hate and would like to repor… https://t.co/L0e3MpOIXy
Hi, if you would like to report something please call 101 or email enquiries@southyorks.pnn.police.uk
Not only can knives cause injury or death, just carrying one could result in a criminal record & up to 4 years in p… https://t.co/tJVrT7eIXn
Register your valuables on https://t.co/7uVyine2eJ. This will increase the chances of getting them back if they are… https://t.co/Mm8JmQCKiK
Yes, any genuine reports of hate crime should be reported to the local police force for investigation if necessary.
Closing date this Thursday - why not start that application tonight? https://t.co/Kb9bCS1Zmg