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UPDATE : Our elderly missing person Joyce Cocking has thankfully been found safe and well. Thanks to all who shared our tweet.
If you've been sexually assaulted, help is available. We're here to listen, when you're ready to speak. Find out ab… https://t.co/EIOvUBIQwJ
MISSING: Joyce Cocking 84 yrs, vulnerable elderly female from Wadsley Bridge area. Any sightings pls call SYP on 1… https://t.co/IWeA2vsGZH
Do you have questions about domestic abuse? Do you think someone you know is being abused, and want to know how you… https://t.co/p532y0vXYl
APPEAL: A 77yo pedestrian has been seriously injured following a collision in the area on Friday evening… https://t.co/SZSxStuvDJ
finally finished marking all of his presents with his postcode & house number wi… https://t.co/s3mbO3jlgs
Well done PD Khoba! 👍🐕🚔 He also helped find a missing person overnight too... he's definitely on San… https://t.co/3oWMDb5KJ3
APPEAL: Witnesses asked to come forward following collision in late last night, just before midnight. A… https://t.co/hNxyOx6GQ9
If you offered someone a cup of tea and they said no, you wouldn’t then proceed to force it upon them. No means no.… https://t.co/GSCZUjBp1Q
Domestic abuse affects entire families. We are committed to prosecuting those people who commit domestic abuse.… https://t.co/6DCSVtBaXD
It is never ok for someone to sexually assault another person & through the campaign we want to make peop… https://t.co/9ZnUizhENr
Do you have questions about domestic abuse? Do you think someone you know is being abused, and want to know how you… https://t.co/T6g4lrOICv
is dusting for finger prints as the investigation into the stolen presents from… https://t.co/MZ7VRwmyWJ
Interested in local policing? 👍🏼 Want to be updated on local crimes? 👍🏼 Want to know how to secure your home and… https://t.co/lVrAcC4211
We want to make people think about their actions. If they didn’t say yes, it means no. Get true consent. https://t.co/ts7dc5hYNP
Your friends and family may have told you that they’re concerned and worried about your safety. If it’s not physica… https://t.co/5lnf2aExKb
Sexual offences can take many forms, including grabbing someone’s bum uninvited. It is never ok for someone to sexu… https://t.co/ZuLH9TTl2b
TRAFFIC: The A57 at Todwick is CLOSED in both directions while emergency services respond to a collision. There are… https://t.co/t7WimduPNs
You may be concerned about the way your partner or ex-partner treats you, whether it’s because they're violent or a… https://t.co/2JOdcY3yH5
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is having himself a merry little Christmas. Have yourself a merry little Christm… https://t.co/FN7fIhXXtw
Well done to teenager Martin Putnoky who has received a police commendation for chasing down three thiev… https://t.co/J5VPRSOugt
Motorcycle Team Tackling Sheffield Off-Roaders - https://t.co/KvGkKF7AcE https://t.co/HHKHAkgRUO
News: It wasn't quite a manger but Cusworth police station did the job https://t.co/mcOt6wky0k https://t.co/zEL4bcRXzo