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More pics of our officers on the hurricane-hit British Virgin Islands. Clicjk for story or scroll to Friday 20 Oct… https://t.co/qmHJJUTYhd
600 students from King Edward VII learning about the serious dangers of gun & knife crime. &KnivesTakesLives… https://t.co/a4PmNCfK6q
Missing: Can you help officers find 20-year-old Paige Huddlestone from ? https://t.co/3vrU5MZw1z https://t.co/zZnLKL4uRY
Hi Jessie, sorry to hear about long wait times, you can also report incidents online: https://t.co/kiGyLEmb13 thanks
Hi, please report this to us by calling 101 or online: https://t.co/kiGyLEmb13 thanks
Hi Steve, if you wish to report this, you can make a complaint online: https://t.co/kiGyLEmb13 thanks
Missing: Have you seen Sean Allen from ? https://t.co/OlFuMdoRPz If you have any info please call 101 quo… https://t.co/8p2tw7uLYo
Hi Alex, if you would like to report an incident, please call 101 or go online: https://t.co/kiGyLEmb13 thanks
Hi Aaron, may be able to help answer your question. Thanks
Hi, more information about the work they are doing is provided in the news article. Thanks
Hi Ian, please can you call or go online to report this to us: https://t.co/kiGyLEmb13 thanks
Judith has now been found - thank you for sharing https://t.co/nKTO8h1QhQ 👍
Update: 66-year-old Judith Caldwell who was reported missing from on 21/10/17, has this morning been fou… https://t.co/VvgILRs5nm
Update: 32-year-old Paul Sargent who was reported missing from on 16/10/17, has now been found safe & we… https://t.co/GvAh9GPGTV
You could save a life tonight. If you know anyone who carries a knife encourage them to https://t.co/evpWnuYLJ9
Possession of a knife carries a prison sentence of up to four years & you'll get a criminal record.https://t.co/sR7Ya6Q3yH
Playing with fireworks could leave someone with burns & scars which will last the rest of their life. Keep you & ot… https://t.co/1JXDMRPG5U
Missing: Can you help officers find Judith Caldwell from ? https://t.co/iH1iGWxPgG https://t.co/G3j2cGpVIt
Carry a knife, even if it’s for your own protection or for someone else, you’ll be arrested & prosecuted.… https://t.co/NJJrqN76Ut
Getting into the spirit of this weekend with fireworks? Please take care. Find safety advice here:… https://t.co/uMGwzcIYLE
Hi Mike, road tax varies dependent on the engine size of a car. More info about this can be found here https://t.co/7Fyk7St6sn
Whether you’re having a lazy sloth-like one or out & about, be safe & enjoy your weekend! Back Monday… https://t.co/qcWIBuyQkz
Appeal: Officers in appeal to find owners of stolen items- do you recognise them? https://t.co/bBUmCSY7cy https://t.co/XcirpmZfI4
Officers helping rebuild hurricane islands - https://t.co/hMAUMHWYPK https://t.co/ZzrGT3Kyk1