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NEWS: Five years behind bars for man who stored sawn-off shotgun in rabbit hutch in https://t.co/NoUUsCTFfv
Appeal: Witnesses asked to come forward following alleged assault outside takeaway… https://t.co/geQh3oZpnu
If you wish to make a complaint about this officer please send a DM with your details or ring 101.
& consider marking your property with a UV or permanent marker with your postcode, house no. or name.… https://t.co/3hQrQMXVQg
Do you think you could be a IS Trainer for this role, based in https://t.co/ZWtYJhjjY2
E-fit released in connection to reported bogus official incident - https://t.co/1BBwzFGGqG
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BREAKING: Two charged in connection with death of man - https://t.co/bJVurxmtdD
Man fined for false report of crime - https://t.co/Q42uyyc9N7
NEWS: A little over three years behind bars for man convicted of burglary, theft & fraud… https://t.co/ShDwXeAJ3n
team shuts house for three months - https://t.co/DS8xVNBecX
Chief Constable Stephen Watson responds to Hillsborough charging announcement: https://t.co/v8TuQq0ynZ
Morning, the road was closed following reports of concern for a man on a bridge ov… https://t.co/piRK88ClyJ
Petrol station reportedly robbed in Handsworth - https://t.co/6CoOadaSE9
UPDATE: Renewed appeal for witnesses following robbery of elderly man in earlier this month… https://t.co/gXpz05Te93
NEWS: Dedicated team now in Burngreave area of https://t.co/bTBLJVdLw8
The ruler was strictly for operational work of measuring weapons. No need for an offi… https://t.co/wxyMrDegsZ
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Morning Sally, in answer to your question: yes SYP do have & use a form equivalent to a merlin report. Thank you.
Craig, Please send a DM so we can discuss this further.
Hi Craig, sorry to hear this - if you call 101 with your inc/crime no, someone may be able to tell you wh… https://t.co/WgCBwTifUm
Hi Sally, not sure of that answer - we'll ask & come back to you but it might not be this eve
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News: Further FGM Protection Orders issued by SYP https://t.co/DxxMMygPVR https://t.co/wpwqkYQZwb