Vehicle Fleet Management Team - Management Meeting


VFM Management Meeting


 Hitchen, Glen (GH) – Operational Management Accountant
 Crawford , Don (DC) – Fleet Manager, Churchill Garage

ATTENDEES: Gilding, Sarah (SG) - Head of VFM , (Chair)
  Buckley, Jo (JB) – Senior Fleet Manager
  Stockham, Andy (AS) – Fleet Manager, Doncaster Garage
  Lilley, Karen (KL) – Departmental HR Manager
  Stiles, Mandy (MS) – Administrator (Minutes)                                                                           


The minutes of the previous meeting on 16  December 2015 (January 2016 meeting was

cancelled) were approved as a true record. The action schedule was reviewed and updated,

see action schedule dated 18 February 2016.


• 40 Years’ Service Award
• Workshop Equipment

5.1 PDR’s

KL reported that there are no PDRs for VFM outstanding.  However, with the next round of

PDRs due shortly, she advised Managers to visit the HR Department Website to access the

‘tool kit’ for the new PDR process, which is good and talks about the 5 conversations and

how to manage them. 

5.2 Sickness
KL said that unfortunately there was no sickness data available at the moment.  KL advised

SG that she should be able to access BI, to view absence data.  KL asked managers to check

the new sickness system to ensure they could see all of the members of staff they manage

and if not, to send an e-mail to HRSS to let them know who is missing.

5.3 Recruitment / Vacancies
Currently, there are no vacant posts. KL stated that a notification of retirement had been

received from a member of staff from Rotherham Garage.

5.4 Flexible Working Review – Timeline
The meeting to discuss the way forward with flexible working in the Garage Workshops has

taken place.  At the meeting a proposal was considered which involves technicians having a

rolling day off rather than a static one.  This allows VFM to offer the extended garage

opening hours that we currently offer, whilst providing better staff cover during the

working week, whilst still allowing the Technicians who want to work a compressed hours

working pattern, to have 1 day off per week.  It was noted that nobody has received an e-

mail from HR about re-applying for his or her flexible working pattern yet.  This is still

scheduled to take place during February 2016.

5.5 Annual Leave Position
KL stated that Bank Holiday leave cannot be carried forward into the next leave year and

asked Managers to ensure their staff are aware of this. 

6.1 Revenue and Capital Update

No reports. Update required from GH.  When reports are sent through, they will be forwarded

on to managers.

6.2 Trading Accounts
No update.

6.3 Capital Vehicle Replacement / New Vehicle Framework
Nothing to report.

7.1 Strategic Partnership

No update.

7.2 Fire Service
SG reported that the interim report has been submitted.  She met with the project sponsors

early in the New Year to discuss the report and next steps.  It was agreed to continue with

this project.  The project team has been extended to include representatives from HR,

Finance, Procurement and an operational lead from the Fire and Police service.  The first

meeting of the extended project team is due to take place on the morning of 25 February

2016.  .  There are two staff meetings scheduled to take place in the afternoon of 25

February to bring staff up to date.  The first will be with Fire Service staff at Eastwood

and the second for VFM staff to be held at 2.30pm in the Mess Room at Churchill Way. 

Martin Wright from the Fire Service will attend this meeting.  SG wants all the meetings to

take place on the same day. 

8.1 Revised Risk Register

This has been sent out to the Management Team.

8.2 BMW – 330 X Drive
SG reported that we are still in talks with BMW and trying to agree the next regime of

testing.  This is likely to include testing the X drive Tourer again, the  X drive saloon

and the rear wheel drive BMW with varying loads, on tyres that are homologated and MET

tested and on the correct tyre pressures. A number of things have come out of this so far:

the rear wheel drive BMWs that have been delivered recently have come in on Bridgestone

Potenza extras load tyres, not the Goodyear Dunlop NAPFM tyre specified on the order. 

However, there isn’t a Goodyear Dunlop extra load tyre available that is on the BMW

homologated list, so Goodyear Dunlop cannot supply a tyre, so this is another issue. 

8.3  BCM Plans Update
BC plans are currently being updated.  AS has updated the Rotherham plan itself but there

are still a number of documents associated with the plan that need to be revised.  MS will

need help with this from both Fleet Managers.

9.1 Force Performance

SG disseminates this information direct to the Management Team.

9.2 VFM Performance
SG reported that recent performance has been excellent and services are down to just a few

outstanding.  SG said this is a fantastic position to be in and conveys her thanks to

everyone involved.

9.3 Standard Times Project
Still waiting for an outcome on MOT.  However, this is an information tool for Managers,

which can be implemented at any time.

Nothing to report.

SG asked everyone to begin preparing for year end and to look at anything that may need

writing off.  End of year stock takes will take place on 31 March 2016.

SG reported that a number of electric vehicle demonstrators are currently being trialled by

Facilities Management as their vehicles are typically low mileage; they are ideal

candidates for an electric vehicle.  If the trials prove successful, SG will put together a

case for changing all FM vehicles to electric.

13.1 40 Years’ Service Award

Ray Graves has just completed 40 years’ service and a presentation by the Chief Constable

will take place next month.  All the Management Team want to thank Ray for his hard work

and dedication over the years and congratulate him on achieving 40 years’ service to South

Yorkshire Police.

13.2 Workshop Equipment
JB and AS had a discussion about equipment in workshops and the need to update it..

Action 1 - 18.02.2016: Andy Stockham to obtain 3 quotes for the new equipment required at

Rotherham and Churchill Way Garages.

Date of next meeting: 9.30am Thursday 17 March 2016, in the VFM Conference Room.


Thursday, 18 February, 2016 - 09:30