Vehicle Fleet Management - Management Team Meeting

VFM Management Meeting 
Lilley, Karen (KL) – Departmental HR Manager
ATTENDEES: Gilding, Sarah (SG) - Head of VFM , (Chair)
                       Buckley, Jo (JB) – Senior Fleet Manager
                       Stockham, Andy (AS) – Fleet Manager, Doncaster Garage
                       Crawford , Don (DC) – Fleet Manager, Churchill Garage
                       Hitchen, Glen (GH) – Operational Management Accountant 
                       Stiles, Mandy (MS) – Administrator (Minutes)
SG introduced GH to everyone as this was the first meeting he has attended.
The minutes of the previous meeting on 17  September 2015 were approved as a true record. The action schedule was reviewed and updated, see action schedule dated 18 November 2015. 
Action 1 - 25.11.2015: Glen Hitchen to speak with Dan Lennox from the Insurance Department about putting a process in place to identify what is being spent each month on repairing accident damage.
Health and Safety COSHH Assessments
Recent Senior Leadership Event
Weekly Rota for Churchill Workshop W MVTs to Work at Rotherham
New Air Conditioning Machines Required
DPF Filters
Mobile Data (for Charging of New Phones in Vehicles)
Defects Reporting
Cost of Hourly Rates for Recharges
5.1 Revenue and Capital Update
Revenue - GH reported that as the finance systems are down, reports are not available.  However, GH had brought September’s figures with him and presented them.  At the end of September, the department has a projected out-turn over spend of just under £73,000 as there has been a short fall on leasing charges, which from a Force point of view is offset by underspends within Districts. There is also a £311,000 underspend on fuel which is offset by underspends at District.  On vehicle parts there is a projected underspend of £50,000, however there are price increases on the way.  Staffing costs are virtually on target.
Capital - Currently projecting a £300,000 underspend on the vehicle replacement programme.  This is to be taken as part of the savings from the Fleet Diamond Review.  GH will be looking more closely at this in order to do accurate projections going forward.  The Telematics project is slipping into next year.  GH reported that Rob Fenessey is keen to progress with the interface from Tranman to Oracle but a revised scheme brief will be required due to the shortfall for the Tranman/ Oracle Project.  SG will check if this has been done or not. The Asset Management Plan was discussed.
5.2 Trading Accounts
No update.
5.3 Capital Vehicle Replacement / New Vehicle Framework
SG reported that Ford have won the contract for the Cat F medium sized van – so where we had been purchasing Vauxhall Vivaros, we will now purchase the Ford Transit Custom, so seven are now on order.
The large van still hasn’t been tendered for, so if there is a need for one in the meantime, we will have to go out for quotes. Eventually a tender will go out regionally for PSU vans.  Problems with VW Crafters were discussed.
Action 2 – 18.11.2015: Don Crawford and Andy Stockham to e-mail SG with specific examples of problems with VW dealerships, so she can feed this into the  national technical forum.
There is still a need to go out to tender for a dog vehicle but the specification is still being agreed.
5.4 Fuel System – Financial Support
This has been resolved now, with help from the  previous OMA and Merridale.
5.5 Asset Management Plan
This has been done and submitted.  Glen queried whether we should add  the Tranman upgrade into the plan.
5.6 Tranman Records – Financial Data
Due to staff changes in Corporate Finance some things may have been missed.  It was agreed the ‘Vehicle Value’ on Tranman will be updated by VFM.  It has been agreed to put the vehicle disposal price into Tranman and when purchasing, put the purchase price in and then add in the conversion costs. A meeting has already taken place between finance and the VFM BSU and a process has been put in place to do this.
5.7 Paper on Centralisation of Lease Charges
GH has written a paper on this subject, he left a draft with SG for her ratification.  
6.1 Strategic Partnership
JB has been asked to provide some data on fleet, which is in preparation for both forces. 
SG has done some work on JSO(U) and will be attending a change board meeting tomorrow.  SG still needs to sort out how we are going to deal with replacements, maintenance etc.  SG had been contacted by the Collision Investigation Team.  The 3 Deputies  of WYP, SYP and Humberside are looking at setting up a Regional Collision Investigation Unit.  NYP aren’t involved at this stage.
6.2 Stores Hub Churchill Way
 The Stores Hub is now up and running.  This topic can now be removed from the Agenda.
6.4 Fire Service
JB attended a meeting last week to talk through the latest plan, which was  costed and revised by Euro Car Parts.  Martin Knapp is looking at the scenario that if VFM move out of the Garage workshop at Rotherham, the space could be used for a central property store.  The Fire Service thought they may not have enough room to accommodate the latest plan.  The Senior Leadership Teams from both organisations will need to decide if they want to look at this in more detail.  The move is about bringing together skills and work benefits and resources, not about reducing staff.  JB has a meeting in place on 27 November to find out how SYFR use their Tranman system (200 vehicles).
6.5 British Transport Police (BTP) and HMRC
SG has recently made contact with both these organisations to see if we could do any work for them.
7.1 PDR’s
No information available from HRSS but  we believe that all 2015 PDRs within the Department are now done.
7.2 Sickness
No major issues.  There are some staff out of criteria, which is being managed and maintained.
7.3 Recruitment / Vacancies
There is currently 1 driver post vacant but this has been filled by Zed Puaca whose Department have negotiated a start date of 4th January 2016, which has been agreed.  Stan Paduch starts on 23rd November 2015 as a driver.
Ryan Warren started yesterday to fill the Motor Vehicle Technician post at Rotherham Bodyshop.
Apprentices – Interviews for the 3 new apprentice posts have been successful and Joseph White starts with us on 23.11.2015.  There are no dates agreed for the other 2 posts but we have candidates who are waiting for vetting to complete. All Apprentice posts are over our establishment but are in place for succession planning purposes.
We extend a warm welcome to all our new colleagues.
Support Services Manager – this post is on hold.  SG is attending a ‘Vacant post’ panel meeting at which there needs to be a good reason to keep the post or it will be disestablished.  Vacancies within all Districts and Departments are subject to this.
7.4 Flexible Working Review - Timeline
JB sent details of the time line out and the date for VFM staff who currently have a FW agreement to re-apply for their flexible working pattern is February 2016.  Applications will be sent via line managers and then go straight to HR for assessing against a hierarchy of need.  HR will then put the applications to the Senior Fleet Manager for final approval.  The Head of Department will hear any appeals. 
8.1 BMW – 330 X Drive
SG reported the current position is that MIRA have completed the testing with the technical NAPFM Committee Chair and driver training leads reviewing the data.  There is a meeting on 3 December with Goodyear to discuss tyres. On 10 December there will be a meeting to discuss the findings from the testing, with BMW.  Driver Training see training as a big part of the way forward as the vehicle works differently to other vehicles.  In the meantime we have put measures in place to mitigate the risk and we will buy  rear wheel drive vehicles rather than an x-drive vehicle until this is resolved.
8.2 BCM Plans Update
All plans need updating.
Action 3 – 18.11.2015:  Mandy Stiles to send a copy of the most recent business continuity plans out to the plan Managers for updating and loading onto the Business Continuity website.
8.3 Security
SG reminded everyone that we are in a state of increased security and an e-mail has been sent out to all in VFM with regard to this.
Action 4 – 18.11.2015:  Mandy Stiles to produce some laminated notices to put on vehicles parked in the front car park that don’t belong to VFM staff. The notice will ask the driver to come into reception to leave their name, contact number and Vehicle Registration for security purposes.
9.1 Force Performance
SG disseminates this directly to the Management Team, but explained that the recent HMIC report graded SYP as ‘needs improvement’, and this was mainly due to the financial pressures we are facing. 
9.2 VFM Performance
Excellent position with servicing so progress is good.  Thank you to all.
9.3 Standard Times Project
This work is almost complete other than dealing with the MOT side of it and adding in more information with regard to the timing belt.
Nothing to report.
The end of September stock takes went well.  The next one will take place at year end.
SG reported that we are continuing with arranging further Eco Business Driving Courses and are now looking at putting 6 Driver Trainers on this course in an effort to cascade this information down to all drivers of Police vehicles and build it into their courses.  NH has contacted Ian Watson about this.
13.1 Health and Safety COSHH Assessments
SG explained that due to the changes in management procedures for COSHH there is a big piece of work to be done, to revise all COSHH assessments but this should not fall to one person. A discussion took place to consider the best approach to this.  SG is keen to get those people who are IOSH trained, involved in this.  Two of the MVT’s are trained and a further MVT is interested in getting involved in Health and Safety issues.  AS needs to plan for a Rotherham Technician to take over on the Health and Safety committee when Phil Booth retires.
Action 5 – 18.11.2015: Andy Stockham to set up a meeting and invite Don Crawford, Stuart Webster, Jamie Dickson and a representative from the Health & Safety Department to agree a way forward to split the work and ensure everyone knows what to do.
13.2 Recent Senior Leadership Event
Feedback from the recent event was that staff were not satisfied with communication within the Department.  AS said that Rotherham Garage staff are OK with the current approach as a visit from SG currently takes places. SG asked JB to check with Driver Services to see if they want anything different?  DC felt face to face meetings in the past had degenerated and so recent ones hadn’t been arranged.  JB and/or SG will attend meetings on request to give a verbal update.  SG was keen to improve communication within the Department.
13.3 Weekly Rota for Churchill MVTs to Work at Rotherham
So far, this system has been working well and has taken the pressure off the staffing situation at Rotherham Garage.  Positives are coming through and this will be reviewed at the end of the rota cycle.
13.4 New Air Conditioning Machines Required
AS reported that new vehicles need a new type of refrigerant (Euro 6), so new Air con machines are required at each site at a cost of around £2,700 each.  It was agreed to place an order for 1 at each site, coded to the garage equipment budget.
Action 6 - 18.11.2015: Don Crawford to make arrangements for an order to be placed for 2  new air conditioning machines, one for each garage workshop.
13.5 DPF Filters
Currently experiencing problems with diagnostics on Crafters and Sprinters and as a result these vehicles are being set out to dealers to be worked on, which does have an impact on cost.  It was agreed that a message needs to go out to Districts highlighting this problem and that that these types of vehicles must be brought in as soon as a warning light comes on, as the long they continue to use it the more damage it causes.
Action 7 – 18.11.2015: Jo Buckley to send out an e-mail to Districts with regard to the current situation with Crafter and Sprinters having to be sent out to the Dealers to be repaired and that these vehicle must be brought in as soon as a warning light comes on.
13.6 Mobile Data (for Charging of New Phones in Vehicles)
JB  said the electrical fit for these should be done as and when vehicles come in for service.  DC said they had started this process this week.  JB stated Job cards should be marked up to recharge ‘mobile data phase 2’ and the default box invoice needs to be changed to ISD.  JB stated that the Electricians needs to liaise with Rotherham and arrange to visit daily to do some.  JB explained that she would be reporting on progress weekly.
13.7 Defects Reporting
JB explained that not all vehicle faults were being reported via the web portal and that something needed to be done about this.  SG said that before this is done to look at what other summaries on the web portal are available for their use and explain in the intranet message what the other summaries can be used for.
Action 8 – 18.11.2015: Mandy Stiles to put a message on the Intranet reminding people that all faults must be reported via the Tranman web portal  and that once reported the vehicle in question must not be allowed out on the road.  A message with regard to the summaries available via the web portal also to be drafted.
Also look at producing some stickers for vehicle log books reminding people that the correct way to fault vehicles is via the Tranman web portal.
13.8 Cost of Hourly Rates for Recharges
GH reported that when we get BI reports he can build it into trading statements, so this work is delayed a little until reports are agreed.
Action 9 – 18.11.2015: Glen Hitchen to build BI reports into the trading statements, once reports received. 
Date of next meeting: 9.30am Wednesday 16 December 2015, in the VFM Conference Room.


Wednesday, 18 November, 2015 - 09:30