Assistant Chief Constable Rachel Barber

Rachel joined South Yorkshire Police in 1988 and has worked in a number of operational roles at different ranks. These roles have included working as the staff officer to the Chief Constable and in national planning for the G8 summit in 2005. This last role saw Rachel in the Cabinet Office briefing room in Whitehall after the 7/7 bombings in London.

She has undertaken senior management positions in Sheffield Base Command Unit (BSU) and has worked as the Head of the South Yorkshire Police specialist uniform operations.

Rachel helped the force to save more than £3.5 million within her specialist operations portfolio, delivering effective support to local policing alongside ensuring the force maintained the Strategic Policing Requirement. The new structures formed the foundation for the move to Joint Specialist Operations provision across the South Yorkshire and Humberside Strategic Partnership.

Rachel has been fortunate to undertake the staff officer role to the national lead for football policing. She was selected as a Police Commander for the England International Football Operation, which has seen her travel across the world, finishing as the police delegation commander for the World Cup in Brazil last year.

Rachel is also trained as a hostage negotiator.

In May 2014, Rachel was selected to head South Yorkshire’s Crime Directorate. This role afforded Rachel the opportunity to command and understand this aspect of policing, overseeing the uplift in staffing within the Public Protection arena and implementing new investigative structures for serious and complex crime.

Rachel takes a keen interest in the development of others in the workplace and particularly in supporting and mentoring women to achieve their potential. This has seen her chair the South Yorkshire Women’s Network and, with colleagues, deliver a number of professional days for both officers and staff, while developing a cohort of mentors from the network.

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