Antisocial Behaviour

Affected location: 

Anti social behaviour on Cedar Road with Pot House Lane, Stocksbridge - between 4pm and 10pm Anti social behaviour on Lee Avenue, Deepcar - between 4pm and 8pm

Date priority was agreed/renewed: 

Friday, 14 March, 2014

Action taken: 

Previous PACT Locations

We asked what issues concerned you most in your area

You said;

Anti Social Behaviour on Kenworthy Road, Stocksbridge (between 3pm and 11pm)

We did;

Conducted high visibility patrols during the last two month

Liaised with residents regarding ASB concerns/local policing issues

Liaised with Sheffield Housing regarding issues at locality

Visited repeat callers/vulnerable residents



Since the last PACT update in September 2013 there have been 1 reported incidents of Anti Social Behaviour on Kenworthy Road, Stocksbridge. This is an decrease of 8 incidents. The one reported incident referred to a parking issue.

You said;

Anti social behaviour Pot House Lane and Cedar Road, Stocksbridge (between 4pm and 10pm)

We did;

Conducted extensive high visibility patrols.

Deployed a MOCAM to the site

Liaised with businesses at the location

Issued 3 x ABC’s (3 x breaches) and 7 x PAL letter

Engaged with youths at location on several occasions

Liaised with residents/Sheffield Housing



Since the last PACT update in September 2013 there has been 23 (7 x neighbour issues) reported incidents of Anti social behaviour on Pot House Lane and NIL on Cedar Road, Sheffield. This is a reduction of 14 incidents for Pot House Lane and 5 for Cedar Road.

How to contact us

In case of Emergency – 999

To report an ongoing incident – 101

A number of ABC 's have been served on local youths following on from acts of antisocial behaviour.

High visibility patrols are conducted on a daily basis on and in surrounding areas were antisocial behaviour has been highlighted on a daily basis.