Find out here about our super canines that do more than just detaining criminals.

The Tactical Support Group are equipped to assist with public order situations, violent situations, rapid entry into premises and specialist searches.

Find out in this section about the role our horses and mounted officers play in policing South Yorkshire.

Specialist search officers are trained in numerous search techniques and disciplines in order to gather specific intelligence and evidence.

The Roads Policing Group has responsibility for policing South Yorkshire's motorway network and other major roads. Find out more about the role they play here.

South Yorkshire Police has five football liaison officers who have built close links and an effective partnership with each of the county’s five football league clubs. Find out here about the role they play.

This team provides 24-hour armed response for spontaneous firearms incidents, assist with pre-planned operations and provide armed and un-armed close protection and venue security for local and visiting dignitaries. They are also involved with escorting high-risk prisoners when they are being moved through or within the county.

Air Operations our most recognisable resource supports our officers on the ground using its state of the art camera system to help pursue criminals, locate missing people and recover vehicles, property and drugs.