Hate Crimes - Outcomes

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Sunday, 7 May, 2017

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Friday, 9 June, 2017

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I am writing to you under the Freedom of information Act to request the following information:


• How many hate crimes have been reported in the last five financial years  (2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17)? Please can you break this down more specifically by type of hate crime if possible.


• Please can you provide detail what action was taken with these reported hate crimes. How many of the cases s reported in the last five years resulted in a) a charge, b) a summons, c) caution, d) restorative justice or e) no action taken? 



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SYP Response: 

I approached our Crime Management System (CMS) Administrator for assistance with your request.   The CMS system is used to record complaints or allegations of those matters, which the Home Office specify should be recorded as ‘crimes’.

Figures have been provided on individual tables to anonymise the data and make it suitable for release into the public domain, releasing the data in this format restricts any possibility of identifying individuals.

She provided me with the enclosed data and the following explanation of her search criteria:

I have provided a count of offences recorded on the CMS crime register for the years specified, recorded in accordance with the 5 strands of Hate Crime, broken down by Home Office Offence class and offence outcome.



Sexual Orientation



I have also included a count of aggravating factors.

The total number of offences recorded for this period is 4558. 

The total number of aggravating factors recorded for this period is 4645, we expect this figure to exceed the total number of offences as more than one aggravating factor can be recorded on any offence

The requestor should be advised regarding the regarding the following –

The Home Office changed the approach to reviewing outcomes of crimes implemented in South Yorkshire in July 2014, and now a broader framework is now in place. A crime which would have previously been closed as 'undetected' is now given a specific outcome based on the specific circumstances of that crime.




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