Domestic Incidents/Crime 2012-2016

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Tuesday, 5 September, 2017

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Monday, 2 October, 2017

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Could I please have the following data starting from the beginning of 2012 to the end of 2016, broken down by calendar year. Number of reports of domestic violence in the control room that were attended: a. At all b. Within 15 minutes c. Between 16 - 60 minutes d. Between 61 minutes to 24 hours e. After 24 hours f. Total number not attended at all

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SYP Response: 

I firstly approached our Incident Management System Administrator for assistance with your request. This system records the majority of matters / incidents requiring the specific deployment of police resources, whether reported by members of the public or ‘happened upon’ by officers and staff in the course of their duties.

The Administrator has advised:

“The time to arrival is not recorded against each incident - requires query to extract the start and arrival time to calculate the time delay to arrive”

With approximately 43,000 incidents recorded between the dates of 1st Jan 2012 – 31st Dec 2016 that have “Violent Domestic” in the title to manually review each incident would exceed the 18hr rule. There may also be many other incidents that were not initially reported as “Domestic Violence”.

But in accordance with Section 16 of the Freedom of Information Act – my duty to provide advice and assistance, I then approached our Crime Management System (CMS) Administrator for assistance with your request. The CMS system is used to record complaints or allegations of those matters, which the Home Office specify should be recorded as ‘crimes’.

She provided me with the below data and the following explanation of her search criteria:

CMS doesn’t hold information regarding attendance…. I can only provide a count of offences recorded with a Domestic incident flag on the Crime register & Domestic Incident register for the calendar years specified.

2012 4905 22602
2013 5619 26725
2014 7525 26039
2015 8256 23710
2016 10118 22958

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