Training for Special Constables

The Force’s training for Special Constables includes the police service values and ethics, law and legislation, powers of arrest, common crimes and how to prepare your evidence for court. You will also receive input in relation to self-defence and first aid.

Training usually lasts for 14 weeks:

Week One is an induction session on a Tuesday and a Wednesday evening 6pm - 9pm plus Saturday and Sunday sessions 8:30am - 5pm. 

Weeks 2,4,6,8,10 and 12 will be a Tuesday and Wednesday (6pm - 9pm) plus Saturday and Sunday (8:30am - 5pm). 

Weeks 3,5,7,9,11,13 and 14 will be a Tuesday and Wednesday (6pm - 9pm). 

Sessions are delivered at two locations: South Yorkshire Police Training Centre at Manvers and the Lifewise Centre at Hellaby.

After the initial 14 weeks, development continues under the supervision of a regular mentor within a Local Policing Team (LPT). You will carry out mentored operational police work and work towards attaining 'Independent Patrol Status' within the first 24 months of you becoming a Special Constable.

You will learn new and develop existing skills such as; problem-solving, negotiating, decision-making, coping with pressure, communications and inter-personal skills. These skills will help you not only as a special but also in your daily life. Learning transferable skills will open up a number of opportunities for further development in other police roles such as Roads Policing Group, Roads Crime Unit and Major Investigation Team.

The Special Constabulary has its own rank structure ranging from Special Constable through to Chief Officer.  As with regular police officers, promotion is achieved through good performance, dedication to duty and proof of leadership qualities and a robust and transparent interview process.