Emergency planning information

South Yorkshire Police forms part of the South Yorkshire Local Resilience Forum, which works with local partners and services, to ensure that information is available on all aspects of preparing for an emergency.

Partners  involved include:
• South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue
• Yorkshire Ambulance Service
• Barnsley Council
• Doncaster Council
• Rotherham Council
• Sheffield City Council
• The EnvIronment Agency
• Strategic Health Authority
• Local Primary Care Trusts

The Forum works in partnership with a wide range of organisations - private, public and voluntary - within the region and across boundaries, to ensure that information is available on all aspects of emergency preparedness.
For more information and details, please visit the South Yorkshire Local Resilience Forum website.

What to do in an emergency
What you can do:
• Keep a list of useful telephone numbers you may need in an emergency readily available. 
• Make arrangements with friends, neighbours or relatives for temporary accommodation if needed.
• If you check your last utility bills you will find up to date emergency numbers and advice - keep this information near your phone.
• Keep a set of emergency provisions in a convenient location in your home and ensure you all know where it is.  Provisions could include: medication and prescriptions; warm clothing and/or blankets; canned food and bottled water; torch and batteries / candles and matches; basic cutlery and tin opener; portable radio and batteries (or a wind-up radio) .
• Up to date information will be provided by local radio stations and through local press. 
• Radio frequencies:
Radio Sheffield FM 104.1;
Hallam FM 103.4;
Trax FM 107.1;
Dearne FM 102
• Remember - GO IN, STAY IN, TUNE IN